The aim of this study was to determine changes in photon emissions as shown by Energy Field imaging/EFi₁ to subjects who drank a glass of mineral water which was poured over a CWB Smart Card. Two females subjects were performed the protocols and captured using EFi, a sensitive light meter showing photon emissions and full spectrum colour intensities at the visual and near infra-red ranges. EFi can be used to discern variations in photon emissions in people who have changed their lifestyles, with an increase in vibrancy, radiance and brighter wave forms indicating an improvement to their wellbeing and energetic status.

Dr John Rogerson captured two sets of EFi scans of each subject, Rebecca and Isabel; first, a scan was taken having drunk a normal glass of water to give a baseline benchmark, then five minutes later a follow up scan ‘after drinking Smart Card water’ which had been passed over the card to gauge variations in the two separate readings. This experiment was directed under clinical parameters by Dr Rogerson which was conducted in his London laboratory on 3rd March 2015. He interviewed both subjects following the experiment.

From both sets of follow up EFi scans, having drunk the Smart Card water, Dr Rogerson’s study concludes there is a noticeable and marked improvement in overall results to each subject, compared to the baseline readings of the first scans after drinking normal water; enhanced improvements in terms of vibrancy, coherency and symmetry of patterns and colours as seen by EFi, as well as testimonials to support a superior taste of the water, compared to the first glass. It is evident from the follow up scans, EFi shows discernable improvements to both subjects having drunk the charged Schumman resonance water, with brighter photon emissions in the surrounding energy field, those frequency waves around the subject’s body, as well as to the bio field, the frequency waves on the body’s area. It is reasoned Smart Cards achieve this via Schumann resonances₃ which occur at a frequency of approximately 7.83MHz (fundamental) which are embedded in to the card and thereby enrich water by realigning molecules and countering some of the effects caused by environmental pollutants; from chemicals and toxic metals, as well as from EMF₄ stresses such as electrical appliances, microwaves, cellular communication systems and high tension power cables.

It is understood that Smart Cards optimize the taste of water by enhancing its structure and improving valence, both subjects stated a preferred taste to the glass which had been poured over the Smart Card.

An identical environment was maintained for capturing both sets of EFi scans; ensuring distance, lighting, angle, exposure and clothing which all remained the same. Both subjects were given a brief description of their role in the study; they were informed that they were to have two sets of EFi scans, first after drinking glass of water, then followed by another scan after drinking a second glass of water. Neither subject was aware the second glass had been poured over the CWB Smart Card, nor told of its technology or of Schumann resonances; this was in order to negate any placebo influence. The Card is made from a pewter alloy with embedded Schumann resonances at approximately 7.83MHz.


The author wishes to thank the participants for their time, as well as fair and impartial comments. There was, nor will be, any remuneration paid to either subject for this study which can be considered totally impartial. The subjects have no affiliation, no prior knowledge of the company, nor awareness of Schumann resonance technology. They were not informed of the process whereby the water was poured over the Smart Card for the follow up scan to negate any placebo effect. The test subjects are considered of sound judgment and were randomly selected from a group of individuals in London, UK in March 2015.

The EFi scanning system observes light photons and subtle frequencies of people’s energy and bio field using specialist camera equipment which detects both visual and near infrared wavebands. Colour distribution bar graphs of scan are able to calculate the readings, which can quantify changes to the colour frequencies and vibrancy ratios. Scans are captured under specialist conditions, using full spectrum lighting for optimum clarity; the images are processed through an enhanced computer graphics technology with colour filtration filters which enables operators to determine minute changes in photon emissions and frequency patterns which the eye alone is unable to detect.

Dr Rogerson’s research concludes that from the follow up EFi scans and colour distribution results captured of both subjects, it is demonstrable beyond doubt that CWB Smart Card improves the vibrancy of the surrounding energy field and their photon emissions. There is a clear lightening of waves around the subject, and also to the bio field by a lifting of frequencies on the body. As seen in scans after drinking the charged Smart Card water, there is a marked change of vibrancy in both these fields, on and surrounding the subjects. There is also better symmetry, clearer resonance and coherence of frequency patterns, which enables the body to transfer energy more efficiently and relates to increased wellbeing.

Both subjects were given a minimum description of what occurred during the study, which was first to have a a glass of water followed by EFi can, then five minutes later to drink another glass of water and have another scan. Neither subject was told that the second glass had been charged by pouring the water over the Smart Card, nor had any prior knowledge of the technology, or the role of the Smart Card, or Schumann resonances. It can therefore be assumed there was no placebo effect, nor any other external influence to affect the two sets of readings and results.

Subject One Rebecca in London 3rd March 2015 captured by EFi

More vibrant, uniform, coherent photon emissions which relates to an improved energy status as seen in the follow up scans in right EFi scan compared to left. Notice the darker red waves in the surrounding energy field waves in the left EFi scan, which reduced almost completely in the follow up EFi scans on right after 5 minutes drinking the water poured over the Smart Card. Red is a ‘low frequency’ colour related to stress which is replaced with green a more balanced and harmonious one in the follow up scan


Rebecca is a 33 year old female, Caucasian and working as an accountant in London, UK who enjoys good health. The first EFi scan shows the energy and bio field after drinking normal water (left scan above) but ‘before drinking water poured over a Smart Card.’ In the first scan she shows a predominance of dark, dull and low frequency waves in both the surrounding energy field and on body’s bio field. In the follow up scan, captured five minutes after she drank the charged Smart Card water (right hand scan above) her fields, frequencies and colours become more vibrant and brighter, with uniform waves around the body which corresponds with a noticeable improvement in the transference of energy and relates to improved wellbeing.

The right Colour Distribution Bar Graph following drinking the charged water shows increased vibrancy and increased colour frequencies.

There is a clear indication in the follow up scan of the lessening of the darker red colour which relates to lower congested frequencies. This is a substantial reduction in a short time frame, which would not normally occur unless there had been a change in energetic influence. Notice how the lower red frequency ranges in the first scan are replaced with more harmonious green colour, along with much clearer meridians and patterns on the bio field in the follow up scan. This correlates to a more efficient energy system, with the meridian lines much less congested. Also the surrounding energy field is more vibrant, uniform and coherent, which allows the body to transfer energy more efficiently. This transference corresponds to an increase in the higher frequencies and lessening and draining of the lower stress related ones. Rebecca expressed an improvement in the way she felt having taken the second glass of charged Smart Card water, with the benefit of feeling much more alert and reported to it tasting ‘softer’.

Rebecca was asked if she felt any discernable changes after the second glass of water and how it compared to the first; she stated “The water tasted softer for sure, I also feel lighter and better.”

Subject Two Isabel in London 3rd March, Captured By EFI

Compare first scan on right to the left hand scan, before and after drinking the charged Smear Card water. There are much brighter, coherent and more vibrant colours with improved energy in follow up scans as seen by EFi. A lightening of both the surrounding energy field as well as the bio field waves on the body, which relates to an improved transference of energy and sense of wellbeing

Isabel is 35 years old Caucasian female who is visiting UK from America. As you can determine in follow up right hand EFi scan above ‘After drinking the Smart Card Water’ it shows a much more vibrant, coherent and improved energy field (waves, patterns and colours surrounding the body) compared to the left scan which has more darker, duller and more congested waves.

The effect in the second scan of pouring water over the Smart Card shows an increase in the transference of energy in the subject, which is more efficient and related to increased wellbeing. This is an even more pronounced and a greater effect in the second subject Isabel compared to Subject One Rebecca. This is a clear indication of the ability to draw in higher frequencies and effectively ground the lower and darker ones. Darker, duller waves as seen by EFi relate to stress; brighter wave forms and more vibrant colours correspond to an improvement in overall terms. There are also considerable improvements in the body’s bio field (waves, patterns and colours on the body) with more lime green and lighter colours and much less darker red pools and patches. Isabel was asked if she noticed any noticeable difference to how she felt, as well as changes to the taste of the water between the first and second glass, she remarked “Yes the second glass tasted different, it was fresher and I feel I’ve been given a boost.” She went on to say; “Was it the water, what was in it?”

Conclusion by Dr Rogerson of the effects and changes of water which had been passed over a Smart Card as seen by EFi

This research clearly demonstrates that there is a positive and discernable effect on water which is passed over a CWB Smart Card as shown in both subjects, as seen by EFi in Dr Rogerson’s London laboratory on 3rd March 2015. In each case there was a significant improvement in EFi scans, in terms of vibrancy, coherence and symmetry of the colours, frequencies and wave forms in the second set of scans, which are the principal parameters to determine positive changes in readings. These improvements correspond to an increase in the transference of higher frequencies, with enhanced wave forms and a reduction of the darker and duller colours in the first set of scans. The research was conducted in a clinical and established set up, with no other external influence or change which could otherwise affect readings. The only variance was the second glass of water was poured over the Smart Card after an interval of 5 minutes with a follow up scan to determine any changes. Neither subject had any knowledge of the technology involved, or prior understanding of the influence of the Smart Card with Schumann resonances. It can therefore be considered fair and impartial without a placebo effect. Both subjects were randomly selected in London and gave a testimonial to say there was an improvement to the water’s taste and enhanced wellbeing in how they felt following the second glass of water. In this study I maintained a complete constant in all regards, with a fair and unbiased research benchmark. I am encouraged by the changes as seen by EFi as well as the testimonial support of the Smart Card to improve the taste and sense of feeling by both test subjects.