Engineer Xavier Borg – Blaze Labs In/out waves origin, The Final Enigma

Well, we have seen that both mathematical evidence and experiments agree with the notion of matter being made up of a standing wave structure of energetic waves in space. The new model offers logical mathematical and common sense explanations for many laws which had previously no origin other than experimental evidence. These include the conservation of energy, quantum theory, special relativity, origin of charge and mass, Newton’s law and Feynman diagrams. However, as we have said in the introduction to this section, a new discovery always brings with it a few more enigmas. The positive side of it is, that one enigma is better than many enigmas which is the present situation of modern science. This theory leaves us with a single enigma – Where do in waves come from and out waves go to? Let’s hear what Milo Wolff has to say about this.

According to Milo Wolff, the inwave of a particle must come from the outwave of another, but the actual origin of the incoming and final destination of outgoing wave is still unknown, the imaginary part of the waves is still a confusing issue and this should hold the key to the whole standing wave model. Personaly, I find Wolff’s argument about the ingoing waves generated by the outgoing waves of other particles not particularly convincing though, as it implies that no single particle can exist in the absence of another particle. The standing wave model proves to solve most enigmas in physics, it explains all paradoxes present in today’s modern physics, yet it seems to suffer the same problem as the chicken & egg paradox – which came first and from where? I believe, and you shall learn within the following pages, that things are far more different from what we think they are, but we are getting closer to the truth.