We live in a world where we are surrounded by man-made toxic molecules which do not tolerate very well. An example of this is the one ‘nice’ thing which they put into almost all cosmetics and personal care products to make them smell good – the fragrance. In reality, it takes over 3,000 different chemical ingredients to make up the vast array of different smells that we come across in the bath room cabinet every day. When trying to ‘optimise’ cellular expression and metabolic function you can definitely do without these vast array of toxins, which are implicated in a host of mild to serious health complaints. Do your best to avoid all sources of toxins and replace products with natural alternatives and chemical free replacements. A good nutritional base will help your body to get rid of many of those which do slip through into your diet and daily lifestyle.




These tables are by no mean definitive, there are literally thousands upon thousands of products which we come into contact with and which either contain or have been manufactured using chemicals. Use your best endeavours to identify and eliminate the most obvious for day to day exposure.